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Volvo Lease-End Options

Your Volvo lease is coming to an end. And while this might provoke some pensiveness given those memories of spiriting through Pittsburg in a beautiful Volvo model, don't fear what comes next. In fact, it may be the start of something more beneficial to our clients given prized Volvo Lease-End options. With every lease agreement ending, you have the choice of piloting a new Volvo every three years. Consider this a welcoming into our Walnut Creek family.

Volvo Lease-Return Timeline

90-Days Prior to Your Lease Ending

This window constitutes a great time to research those newly updated, Volvo luxury SUVs, sedans and wagons you might wish to upgrade to.

You may also mull the option of purchasing your currently leased Volvo S90, and financing through Volvo Cars Walnut Creek given worn-in appeal and those memories therein. The option yours to facilitate.

60-Days Remaining

At this stage, you should select an appointment for the lease-end inspection at Volvo Cars Walnut Creek. This can be done at our local Bay Area dealership or at home in usually 45-minutes. As well, be sure to have all keys and those other items first supplied with your Volvo XC40 Recharge lease.

During, our lease-end inspectors ensure all wear and tear is within normal parameters. With anything in need of reconditioning or repair, you'll be provided with a condition report and an estimate of related costs for remediation.

At The 30-Day Mark

With 30-days left to go on your Volvo Financial Services' lease, schedule your return date and time with Volvo Cars Walnut Creek. Upon making this appointment over the phone, supply current mileage to initiate the lease-end payment -- should you have exceeded yearly mileage quotas.

Volvo Lease-End Options

As mentioned, Volvo Lease-End options may have comprised the "selling point" when deciding upon leasing your Volvo V90 Cross Country luxury wagon near Pittsburg.

And considering this, let's re-examine those Volvo Lease-End highlights found comforting and enticing.

Trade Your Current Lease For A Volvo Upgrade

Once your Volvo lease term comes to an end, you have that built-in option of trading your current lease for the most updated Volvo luxury model there is.

From newly minted, Volvo XC60 Mild Hybrid luxury SUVs to Volvo S90 luxury sedans, the degree of choice across the line-up at Volvo Cars Walnut Creek is extensive.

So, consider this option the ability to drive a new Volvo model every three years.

Purchase Your Leased Volvo Luxury SUV

After careful consideration, you may not want to part with a Volvo XC90 after all. There's that sense of appeal and nuanced knowledge only found in a Volvo SUV you've been piloting for several years.

And should you decide on this proverbial route near Walnut Creek, the potential to keep things within the Volvo family by financing through Volvo Cars Walnut Creek is certainly an incentive. Monthly finance payments may comprise the same lease installments considering Bay Area market factors.

Surrender Your Volvo Lease, and Walk Away

Whatever your perspective on the Volvo leasing experience, you may want to relinquish your leased Volvo V60 and walk away. There's no commitment otherwise after the lease-end inspection is finalized. It's that simple.

Examples of Excessive Wear and Use of Your Lease

While it's customary for your Volvo lease to incur wear, there are examples of weathering that will need remediation prior to surrendering your lease. From windscreen chips, quarter-panel dings and wheel rim damage to interior issues with stains and upholstery tears, each aspect needing correction should be performed for a second-chance lease inspection. This will avoid any lease-end charges.


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